Ideas for new issues

We can have an issue dedicated to the computational and hardness aspects of algorithms, entitled ‘ Efficient Computation : Exploring the limits ‘. Various complexity and hardness aspects of algorithms can be highlighted in a brief manner and an article demystifying the P=NP problem may be contributed by a peer in Theoretical Computer Science, so that students may have a basic understanding of this Clay Millenium Problem. Moreover, articles related to primality testing, Travelling Salesman problem(TSP),Knapsack problem, Clique problem etc. may be added and an exact overview of P and NP hard problems can be presented.

New Event Editor

Hi all of you,
I am Arka Bhattacharya from India and have been selected as the new event editor ( journals and conference) of XRDS. I will surely try to make significant contributions to the magazine and make it more accessible to students. Have a look at my website, to have a better understanding of me. I am an undergraduate student and my research interests include algorithms, complexity theory, game theory, number theory and other aspects of Theoretical Computer Science.

XRDS Meeting 2011 Action Items

1) We need to start reciting an editor for the startup issue.

2) We need to interface better with ACM membership — standardize student registration and make sure as many people as possible get XRDS (ideally in print in my opinion).  The base rate should be XRDS only, with add ons for things like CACM. – Vaggelis

3) We need to better interface with ACM student chapters (maybe send them a box of prints to keep them engaged and bring awareness to XRDS).

4) We’ve already started a rolling open access model for issue content – awesome.  Now we need to highlight this on the site, and investigate ways we can promote its syndication.

5) Make a “welcome packet” for each editor role, including issue editors.  Who “reports” to who, with what, and roughy when.  What are the responsibilities, and perhaps some example articles (inits, labs, etc.)

6) Perhaps craft a new “Research Highlights” department, showcasing “best papers” by students (perhaps include the abstracts of these papers for all ACM conferences that period).

7) We discussed creating a new image-centric “demos” department.

Update Fall 2011

Hello everyone. We have migrated the Wiki to this WordPress site. It may take some getting used to, please let me know if anything is missing, or if you are having trouble accessing information.

–Denise D.

September 2010 meeting

Some agenda items:

  1. New editors
  2. Status update on Human Computation issue, departments and features
  3. Status update on e-Commerce issue – need for an additional features editor to become a point person
  4. Editorial calendar, or new issue themes (see
  5. Brainstorming: What fun and interesting ideas do you have for new content, both print and online?
  6. Problems, questions, concerns? What do you need from ACM?

April 2010 meeting

XRDS: April 2010 Editors’ meeting


1.  Progress report for new launch issue

  • You all did a marvelous job!
  • Adrian Johnson will be illustrating the magazine’s cover
  • Files are with production/layout team
  • Marketing has been my focus lately; there are a lot of components and it’s slow going
  • Inbal is finishing up an invitation letter to send to potential advisory board members
    • we need these before the issue can be approved
    • will have to hurry this along a bit
  • Questions? Outstanding issues?

2.  Progress report for web site development

  • in beta in about 3 weeks (dev site – DO NOT SHARE)!
  • Jill will be speaking with the web team later today on next steps
  • We’ll need a sub-committee or web team (more on this in a moment)

3.  Procedures for “passing the torch”

  • Both good and bad news: a couple of our editors will be finishing their degrees soon and hence leaving XRDS.
  • We need to have a plan for exiting editors to indoctrinate new editors – give them the rundown.
    • Sumit N.
    • Ryan Ko
  • It’s okay with me if editors stay on for issues that will be published after they graduate

4.  Forming sub-committees, or specialized teams

  • Web team
    • Copy writers for web site “About Us” pages, etc.
    • beta testers
    • Copy editing team (may be the same people who wear different hats, or could be new recruits)
    • Recruiting team to get advisors
    • Recruiting team to get new editors

5.  Status of next issue – Rob, Michael Ashley-Rollman, James Stanier

 6.  Q&A?


 Other useful URLs

Cloud Computing Issue Meeting Minutes

Introductions of new people

Inbal & dima are assistant editors for this issue.

Chris Heiden is a go, Tom will manage him doing article as a feature (interview).

Sumit going to contact a lab he has worked in to put feelers out on an article.

Explaination of how content in crossroads works.

Dima suggesting op-ed good vs bad on cloud computing, antithesis on the subject.

Chris taking global look at cloud computing

Super computing



Make sure we tacke these aspects equally.

Reach out to deployed services

Yahoo app engine, google apps, mechanical turk

Mini encyclopaedia on available services – getting started on a service…

Talgamin & David Chiu – talking about 3 levels and granularity of services possibly turning it into a feature.

David Chui – elasticity feature / collumn

Tom – Possibly an eco aspect of power & resources / green computing.

Chris – one hop out from the core.

Confirmation of dates and deadlines – on wiki.

Inbal- conference in israel, sounds interesting, maybe we should cover it but its too late?? – possibly reaach out before conference in order to arrange cover for it. 1/2 – 1 page abstracts, best papers, awards?

Tom arrange with Inbal to arrange this above.

Chris – sahred link, to wiki. Looking at bit torrent

Chris looking at online system people.

Tom – throw some feelers out.

Sumit – follow up with national labs

James – talking about lecturer getting students involved with cloud computing and studies – james will take point on this.

Dima – technion in israel, lab in cloud computing – wait until james follows up.

Chris – Science education

Future Issues – Human Computing – Mechanical Turk

Tom – Code snippet collumn, think of a name.

Sumit – write a hello world tutorial.

Ryan joined conversation

Inbal – exceiting opportunity for startups & new ventures. Personal story of one euntreponure just starting up. Blog “Jack of all Clouds”.

David – CCGRID, conference , taking point on

Tom – history of cloud computing – full circle type thing, history of computing, can we find one??

Data and security in the cloud.

Chris – What is sexy about cloud computing? What is the key contribution.

Inbal – cloud making startups / thrid world etc

Chris – distributed computing / SETI / folding at home / lets not go down this route.

Inbal – interview with someone in distributed computing theory, possible feature? If there is enough here, Inbal will follow up this.

Length of articles discussion – 2500 words for a feature.

Inbal – how do we get people into the magazine…Chris’s tips. Invited format. Things are archived etc. Its an invitation, they are experts so we want them to write for us. Chris send stock email out.

Chris will dump email on wiki.


MS cloud computing

Pittsburgh super computer

Argon national labs – Sumit

tutorial – sumit

conference review – Inbal/Dima

Jack of all clouds – Inbal

online Drop box / evernote — Chris

Amazon S3 EC2 — Chris

google app engine — CHris

map reduce

Mechanical turk

Yahoo app – hadoop

encyclopedia of services – johnmwillis?


Cloud computing in the classroom – james stanier?

Reach out to CCGRID – david

elasticity of cloud – david

Interviews – Chris Hieden

Data/transmission security – CHRIS


First Meeting

Meeting to introduce major players and discuss intial tasks.